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4.10.2020 - "Livin' in the Jungle" Has Landed!

We are proud to announce the arrival of the second Banshee offering, "Livin' in the Jungle" released by Cardinal Fuzz Records (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (US). The album is limited to 500 copies with a gatefold jacket and a 12 page 8.5x11 booklet featuring artwork and lyrics. Today is the official release date and to coincide with the album premiere we are releasing this music video produced by Terrorist Rock Corporation for the track, "Snake Charmer" off the album.

You can stream the full album here!:

Pick up a copy at Cardinal Fuzz Records or from Feeding Tube Recordsor get it direct from us.

11.20.2018 - "Caw!" European edition released by Cardinal Fuzz Records in the UK

Cardinal Fuzz Records in the UK released a limited edition 120 copy European edition of our record "Caw!". It has sold out but there is also a very cute cdr vinyl replica version of the record still available from them if you're into that. You probably should be into that because it's fucking adorable. They will also be releasing the European press of our next album "Living in the Jungle" which is nearing completion and should be out early next year:

11.10.2018 - "Opening with a hail Mary of blown-out noise, a flick-knife growl of guitar gouges its way through the chaos as the bass drops likes anvils, this psych-punk hoot slaying all before it as the walls come down and the falling windows are stamped into dust."

Sic Magazine reviewed our record, "Caw!" and here is where you can read it in all it's metaphorically charged glory:

6.7.2018 - "Psychedelic punk in its best possible shape. Here are the Banshee!"

The fine folks over at Psychedelic Baby Magazine interviewed us and you can check it out at: This Link

3.19.2018 -

This weekend we will be throwing all of our recording gear, instruments, amps, drugs, and sacred belongings into the van to record our upcoming LP "Livin in the Jungle" at a house we rented in the woods of Maine. We've been creating, learning, and rehearsing the songs that will make up this record for many moons and "the Banshee" is finally ready to bark again. We also played a couple shows in Puerto Rico last month and had a much needed escape from the winter while making some new friends and playing with some great bands. Here's a few photos from San Juan taken by our talented pal, Tyler Hallet:

12.10.2017 - "total widescreen, kick-out-the-jams-motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama"

Al Quint just gave our record his approval on his Suburban Voice blog's year's end list:

"BANSHEE-Caw! (self-released, LP) Seeing Banshee live is quite the experience... half a dozen or so (I lost count) guys playing an arsenal of guitars, bass, drums, sax and keyboards, fronted by a vocalist doing his best to channel both Iggy and Stiv. And the music is total widescreen, kick-out-the-jams-motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama. A thick 'n heady stew. All of this is executed by members of Boston bands Male Nurses, Casanovas In Heat, Combat Zone and many others. And it rocks like crazy, punk guys flying their freak flag and imbuing that kind of attitude into the fray. Banshee tend to stretch out on their songs--five of seven top the five minute mark When they're on, they're on, as with the fired-up fury of "Wave To The Police," "Culture Vulture" and "Cop Caller," which fades off into noisy mayhem. Sure, it can get ponderous or hazy on occasion and I get the feeling ingesting various substances might enhance the effect. But this hits you between the ears. Get out the black light and boogie. (www.bansheemotherfuckers.com)" -Al Quint/Suburban Voice

8.20.2017 - BANSHEE - "CAW!" Full Album 2017:

You can now buy our album, "Caw!" at our online store as well as from various distros and shops. It's also streaming on Spotify.

Buy it here:

Listen on Spotify:


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