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12.10.2017 - "total widescreen, kick-out-the-jams-motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama"

Al Quint just gave our record his approval on his Suburban Voice blog's year's end list:

"BANSHEE-Caw! (self-released, LP) Seeing Banshee live is quite the experience... half a dozen or so (I lost count) guys playing an arsenal of guitars, bass, drums, sax and keyboards, fronted by a vocalist doing his best to channel both Iggy and Stiv. And the music is total widescreen, kick-out-the-jams-motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama. A thick 'n heady stew. All of this is executed by members of Boston bands Male Nurses, Casanovas In Heat, Combat Zone and many others. And it rocks like crazy, punk guys flying their freak flag and imbuing that kind of attitude into the fray. Banshee tend to stretch out on their songs--five of seven top the five minute mark When they're on, they're on, as with the fired-up fury of "Wave To The Police," "Culture Vulture" and "Cop Caller," which fades off into noisy mayhem. Sure, it can get ponderous or hazy on occasion and I get the feeling ingesting various substances might enhance the effect. But this hits you between the ears. Get out the black light and boogie. (" -Al Quint/Suburban Voice

8.20.2017 - BANSHEE - "CAW!" Full Album 2017:

You can now buy our album, "Caw!" at our online store as well as from various distros and shops. It's also streaming on Spotify.

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